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Rules of Civil Procedure and Superior Court Forms

When you are engaged in litigation, whether suing someone or defending against an action, there are rules you must follow. The rules are generally procedural in nature and provide for various timelines by which certain steps must be taken. These rules are referred to as the Rules of Civil Procedure. For instance, if you have been served with a Statement of Claim, depending on where you reside, whether in Ontario, Canada, United States or outside Canada or the United States, the time to file a Defence varies from 20 days to 60 days.

When preparing certain documents for filing with the court, they must be prepared and formatted in a specific way. If documents to be filed with the court are not in the proper form, the courts do often refuse to accept the documents for filing.

Below are links to the Rules of Civil Procedure and Superior Court Forms that have been referred to above.


It is recommended that you speak with a lawyer about your case to ensure that the steps taken in your case are done so in a timely manner.

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